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Monday, January 31, 2005

Travelocity Corrects Course

I'd love to say my critique caused the fix, but I somehow doubt it. A new Travelocity radio ad follows the same "travel myths" theme and format, without the contradiction.

The new ad presents "The roaming gnome, exploder of travel myths". The first "myth" is that booking travel at the last minute costs a fortune, which the gnome replies is untrue, that we can still save a lot by using Travelocity. The second "myth" is that gnomes aren't adventurous eaters. We hear the gnome sounding uncomfortable eating something, followed by a forced "that was delicious".

Is it a great ad? Not by any stretch. But they fixed the problem their last ad in the series had, which was contradicting itself. Some better writing and they can keep building this decent ad campaign in an above-average way.


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